Litter #1 

1. It*s My Love Julius, brown patched classic tabby exotic female

2. One Million Dollars Julius, brown classic tabby exotic male

3. Blue Lagoon Julius, blue-cream patched classic tabby female

4. Creme Brulee Julius, cream classic tabby female



Red tabby exotic 


 CH Single Tatami of Cat Studio


Brown classic tabby & white


 CH Sugarspun Love at First of Single

brown tabby & white van persian

GC Noblessa"s Navigator 

 GC Bocasana Backyard Baby

 Dali Look Butterfly of Single

brown patch tabby

 CH Vita-Nova"s Licky Luc of Dali Look

 Single Milky Way


blue patch tabby exotic

GC Artemis Trend Setter

black persian 

Sundew"s Starz of Artemis 
 Lexus Minerva of Artemis

Single Northern Light

silver tabby exotic 

C-Blues Amicus of Single 
Dali Look Butterfly of Single 


Brown patched tabby exotic

GC Pensfordhill Busta Move of Sybarit


Brown tabby exotic 

GC Scrimshaw Spirit of Pensfordhill

black persian 

GC Boberan"sMidnight Escape of Kuorrii DM 
GC ,RW Scrimshaw Rumors DM 

CH Calivan"s Tuff Tina of Pensfordhill

blue tabby exotic 

GC Calivan"s Cab Calloway of Lindemere (Alibamu) 
CH Granddelinght Tuff Stuff of Calivan 

 GC Athelstones Cupcake of Sybarit

tortoiseshell exotic

ENG CH, FIFE CH Ormeryds Austin,

red mackerel tabby exotic 

GIC Vannjty"s Only For Your Eyes 
Ormeryds Juliette DiRoberti 

 S*Athelstones Gossip Girl, tortoiseshell exotic

 IC, S*Athelstones Miami Sunrise JW
IDP*Virkvarns Dagny